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The Midsummer Circle

Together with Martin Landsburg, I run the Midsummer Circle (MSC), a tribe of creators working together to make the world conscious, authentic, and kind.

Through discussions, design exercises, and shared food, our goal is to connect and learn from one another's successes and struggles to make the impactful work we do more sustainable. 


We facilitate playful workshop sessions that make use our backgrounds in design, research, teaching, theater, storytelling, and improv to help creators share and get feedback on their work. 

This is a co-created experience that aims to re-create the shared and supportive cultures of tribal societies; together, we define the goals and the format, together we setup and cleanup, and together we change the world.


Check out our instagram page for event details. We also document our process through a podcast about how to build sustainable and impactful communities.

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